Using HHO EFIE Kits For Fuel Efficiency

The need to utilize fuel savers is something that everyone recognizes, but a major hindrance to their implementation is that fuel injections were simply not meant to produce proper combustion. Installing an HHO generator can help remedy this situation.


Basically, what an HHO generator does is to fine tune the oxygen sensor, a mechanism of fuel injection engines that track the air intake of the engine. The HHO kit helps manage the air/fuel ratio more effectively, which can be a real fuel economy booster.


The water and oxygen in the engine system works by mixing and interacting with each other; in turn these elements will fuse with the gasoline. What the generator will do is to make the oxygen and water fuse more effectively. This will result in the gas burning and being released from the cylinder. The net effect of this is less stress on the catalytic converter.


However the electronics of most systems have difficulty in dealing with HHO generators. The reason is that the computer systems of fuel engine systems of most vehicles deal with the information from the oxygen sensors directly; they cannot process information from external sources like the HHO generator kit Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS.


To aid the electronics in coping with the increased oxygen level, the EFIE (electron fuel injection enhancer) was developed. What the EFIE does is to insert an offset function into the engine system so that the computer electronics will not hinder or interfere with the additional oxygen intake.


To understand how the EFIE works it is necessary to be aware of how the oxygen sensor functions. It produces a voltage (the value being between 0 and 1 volt) that determines the oxygen content. For instance, if the oxygen sensor sends to the computer 450 milivolts (.45 volts), it denotes the proper fusion or air and fuel.


The higher the milivolt, the more gas there is, and the lower the number, the leaner the mixture. It is here that electron fuel injector enhancers come in. It installs an additional voltage which enables you to manage this added voltage efficiently. This will allow the HHO generator to function without being interrupted by the internal computer system.


When using the EFIE mechanism it should be pointed out that only the front O2 sensors at the catalytic converter need the device; the other sensors are there simply to make certain that the ones in front are functioning properly Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. The same with the oxygen sensors; only the upstream sensors require the EFIE.


EFIE (electron fuel injection enhancers) and HHO kits are the best devices that can help maximize and boost mileage for fuel injected vehicles. There are several websites that provide instructions on how to construct an EFIE, but for those without time, there are also plenty of stores and shops that sell both these kits.


You should bear in mind cars and vehicles each have unique sensors. However, when you purchase an EFIE kit, the vendor will be able to select the right one for you as long as you provide the proper information.

John Grant is a the author for a site about Vehicle HHO Generators where he is writing articles about EFIE Devices.
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