Water Power Cars; How to Use Water to Get More MPG

Even with the latest drop in gasoline prices most people would still like to get more MPG for their vehicles. Let's face it oil prices are so unstable at the moment that they are bound to go up again, and with the economy in such a fragile state you do not want to wait until the last minute to find ways to get more MPG. One of the latest innovations in automobiles is the water power cars which use a Hydrogen Generator for vehicles to allow you to run cars on water.


The idea of water power cars is not a new one and the technology behind it has been around for quite a while. Due to the recent oil and gasoline crisis this technology has had somewhat of a re-birth and has been improved to such a high degree that it is really catching on in a big way autel maxidas ds808. In fact it is now possible for anyone who wants to to convert their own existing cars into water power cars.


If you think that you will be able to run cars on water and nothing else then think again, and forget the idea of filling up your gas tank with a hose pipe. What these water power cars do is use a Hydrogen Generator for vehicles to convert small water droplets into HHO gas (hydrogen oxygen) which is then mixed with the regular gasoline to increase the efficiency of you engine and so get more MPG.


This Hydrogen Generator for vehicles is small enough to be installed under the hood of your car next to the engine. It generates the HHO gas using a small reservoir of ordinary tap water and the electricity from your cars battery launch x431 v plus. This HHO gas is then mixed with the gasoline-air mixture of you ordinary fuel and fed into your engine in the usual way. As this mixture of combined gases burns more efficiently and with more power you get better performance from you engine which in turn will get more MPG.


One of the main advantages of the water power cars besides the gas mileage improvements you get is the fact that they burn the fuel more thoroughly and therefore more cleanly. This cleaner burning fuel means that you don't get the high carbon build-up that affects the efficient running of an ordinary engine burning just gasoline. This means that the life of your engine is greatly increased and you will have far fewer repair bills. Also the harmful exhaust gases associated with a normal engine are greatly reduced so helping the environment.


To convert you existing cars into water power cars is a lot easier and cheaper than you may think the actual Hydrogen Generator for vehicles can be home built using simple parts available at most auto or hardware stores. There is very little modification needed to your existing engine and the whole thing can be easily reversed with no damage if you ever wanted to remove it for any reason.


So whatever the price of gasoline wouldn't it be nice to be able to get more MPG from your vehicle? With these water power cars you can expect to get gas mileage improvements of between 35% and 50%. So if I where you I would seriously think about converting to water power cars before the next big increase in gasoline prices.

Find out how you can convert your cars into Water Power Cars and get more mpg for your vehicles
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