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The motor industry has evidently taken a hit over the past 12 or 18 months. With the credit crunch leading to what seemed the end of life as we know (apparently), be simply stopped buying cars! Motorists who've been in need of a car may have gone for an offer involving the government's scrappage incentive scheme - taking you old car in part exchange, potentially saving you thousands off of list prices for cars. With the scrappage scheme drawing to a close this march, what other options are left for the motorist in the market for a new car?


If it's a Mercedes Benz you're looking for, you'll probably have a vague idea of what kind of car you'll want to get. Buying a Mercedes Benz is one of things where you just know. If it's the showroom price tags your worried about though, why not have a look around and see what buying a used Mercedes Benz could get you? Your first port of call should probably be your nearest Mercedes dealership. The sales assistants will be on hand to answer any queries you might have, whilst their advice on buying a used Mercedes Benz could prove invaluable OBD Tool. Furthermore, after a free cup of tea or coffee, they'll hopefully be able to search through the local and national used car stock and see if they've got the right car for you hanging around somewhere. So, you get the top notch service of buying a new car, with all the savings and benefits of buying a used car!


If you're a little more particular with the pennies though, you'll probably be thinking of going home and scanning the internet to see what other car dealers will offer you. You're guaranteed to find the same car you saw at the Mercedes dealership in the same condition Autel Diaglink, but with a lower price tag somewhere along the way. But if you do, always bear in mind there's a reason for it. Different car dealerships will have different services available; buying your car from a franchise car dealers may be cheaper, but the extra costs involved maintaining your car afterwards could outweigh the cost of the warranty provided by the official Mercedes dealerships. Make sense? All these things need to be weighed up when considering buying a used Mercedes Benz.


If you're unsure of whether buying a car outright is really the right option for you, then don't go rushing into it. Buying a car is a pretty significant investment; something you don't really want to get wrong! Just think, do you really need a Mercedes? They're not the cheapest of cars, that's pretty obvious; could you do with saving some cash and buying something smaller? Alternatively, if you've got your heart set on a Mercedes, but your circumstances are much more short-term, why not ask what kind of contract hire offers Mercedes could offer you? Instead of getting yourself a used Mercedes Benz, you could be getting a brand new Mercedes, complete with comprehensive, worry free motoring, all condensed into one monthly payment. Obviously, there are certain terms and conditions to bear in mind, and no, you don't technically own the car yourself. But it might be worth considering in the long run - it might work out cheaper than you buying and selling a used Mercedes Benz later on down the line.

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Mercedes Benz cars.
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