Top 5 Car Accessories You Must Have

There are accessories for just about everything these days that you rely on in your everyday life. Your phone, your outfit and, especially, your car. If you spend a lot of time driving, you'll want to accessorize inside of it to make the drive all the more enjoyable for you and your passengers. Below are the top 5 accessories for your car out there, ranging in price from inexpensive to something that will really change your car payment.


Cell Phone Mount Holder


Driving hands free is becoming more and more of a concern these days, so a cell phone mount holder is a critical accessory for inside your car, for both convenience and safety. This way you can look at your phone and easily use the touchscreen on it when you are stuck in traffic or answering a call while driving, rather than having to pick it up and look away from the road. These holders will also allow you to plug your phone into your stereo directly and easily so there are no longer cords in the front seat of the car. Most of these phone mounts range in price from about twenty to forty dollars, depending on the manufacturer.


Sunglass Holders


While you could always put your sunglasses in a case and then stow them in a compartment in your car, this tends to be a bit of a hassle, as you have to do a number of different opening and closing movements every time you want to take your sunglasses out or put them away. What you should really have is a sunglasses holder attached to your sun visor, that allows you to easily clip the shades in and out whenever you need them Autel MaxiCOM MK808. These accessories range in price from ten to thirty dollars.


Seat Warmers


If you're spending a lot of time in your car in the winter, or you live in a place where it is quite cold throughout the year, a seat warmer is one of the greatest things you will ever purchase for the interior of your car. These can be built into the seats (which is quite expensive or must be done before you purchase the car) or strapped to the seats and powered by the car's battery (much more cost effective Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS, but looks kind of funky and tends to break). This might be an accessory you want added before you buy the car.




While more and more cars are having navigation systems built into them these days, this accessory is still critical for many people who have tough time following driving directions or who are always traveling to new, different places. Systems like Garmin will direct you to exactly where you need to go with a number of different views and perspectives. You can also buy this accessory and take it with you to put in rental cars when you go on trips. These quality navigation systems start at around two hundred dollars.




This may seem like an outrageous accessory in a car, but it's actually ideal for a family who has kids and needs to take them on long road trips or drive with them often. Nothing makes a car ride safer and more pleasant then quiet kids who are watching different types of media, while you listen to music or talk with your significant other and enjoy the ride. These TVs cost upwards of a few thousand dollars when you first buy the car and will definitely effect that car payment.

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