Tips to Improve Gas Mileage

While gas prices may have gone down from its all time high and have stabled a bit, we are still paying a good sum of dollars every time we visit gas pumps. So whether we like it or not, we need to improve gas mileage to extend that gallon at least a couple of miles more.


Here are some proven and effective ways to improve gas mileage:


While on the road


There are several ways to improve gas mileage while on the road. First, be a sensible driver. Aggressive driving lowers gas mileage by 5 percent in city driving and by 33 percent around town. Avoiding abrupt acceleration, speeding Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS, and excessive braking does not only save you money, it can also save you.


Second, remove excess weight. Heavier load can reduce gas mileage by up to 2 percent every extra 100 pounds of load. So if you don't need that golf bag or grocery you have left in your car for days, drop it. Take note that gas mileage of smaller cars is more affected by excess weight than bigger and heavier vehicles.


Third, avoid excessive idling. 0 miles per hour gets you 0 miles per gallon. Plain and simple.


Fourth, observe the speed limit. While different cars reach different optimum fuel economy, gas mileage rapidly drops if you are driving above 60mph.


Finally, use cruise control. If you have it, use it. Cruise control will let you maintain constant speed and improve gas mileage.


At the Garage


If you want to improve gas mileage of your car, keep it well-maintained. Keep your tires properly inflated. Tires that are 1 psi lower than the required pressure reduce gas mileage by 3 percent. Also keep your engine tuned and change oil filters regularly. Change oil using the manufacturer's recommended grade of motor oil. Consult your service advisor or car manual for reference.


At the pump


To improve gas mileage at the pump may sound impossible. The truth, however, is if you just use the right octane level for your car, you don't have to waste money on more expensive fuel. Most cars run properly on regular gas Autel Maxisys MS908CV. Unless your engine is knocking, using high octane fuel is nothing but a waste of money.


About gas-saving devices


There are lots of devices that claim to improve gas mileage by significant amount. Be skeptical about it. The EPA has tested more than 100 products and only found very few to actually make significant improvement of gas mileage. Some of these devices can even damage your car.




If you are hunt for new car, choose one with better fuel mileage. Hybrid vehicles, which have become widely available today, offer significantly higher gas mileage than vehicles that run on pure gas. Other vehicles operate on alternative fuels such as compressed natural gas, ethanol, liquefied petroleum gas, methanol, and electricity. These are low-emission vehicles, thus lowering emissions of carbon and harmful pollutants. It may be priced higher than conventional gas-powered vehicle, but it can save you from unstable gas prices and frequent trips to gas station.

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