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Transmission Repair Austin, TX FAQ


As Austin's premier transmission rebuild center we are often asked questions about proper care and service of your transmission. Hopefully this article will answer your basic questions and help you keep a potentially bad problem from getting worse.


If you feel your transmission is "acting up" here are the basics to remember. Not every problem requires a major repair but ignoring a potential problem will just allow it to getworse. We don't charge for diagnostics so it's just a question of a little time and inconvenience (we can easily arrange a rental car via Enterprise if needed) to make sure your transmission is operating correctly.


Driving a car with a damaged transmission can make a minor problem a major repair very quickly. So if you're not completely sure your car is 100% roadworthy please let us arrange to have the vehicle towed to our shop. Even if your transmission needs a major overhaul it
has two kinds of parts. Soft (primarily aluminum) parts that are designed to wear and harder (primarily brass) parts that aren't.


The basic rebuild only replaces the parts that are designed to wear over time. If you continue to drive the vehicle with a known transmission problem, you can turn a minor repair into a major rebuild. That's why it is so important that we check the car as soon as you notice a a problem. The sooner we can check the car,the more money we can save the customer.


The simple truth is that no repair shop can actually diagnose the entire scope of the problem until we remove and examine your transmission. What we do know is that every major repair requires us to remove & disassemble your transmission and replace those "soft metal" parts included in the basic overhaul kit for your particular transmission and then reassemble and remount the unit.


However there are literally thousands of parts that are not designed to wear out that need to be inspected and checked. Be very wary of any repair shop that quotes you a flat fee or an artificial price that doesn't include removal and installation or outline the fact clearly that your transmission may require additional parts and labor.


The last thing you want to be doing is driving around looking to save $50 or $100 while doing thousands of dollars of damage to your car. Even worse is to find out that your "$849" repair is actually thousands more once the transmission is sitting in pieces on the garage floor.


Every transmission we rebuild is backed by our 3 year/36,000 warranty. Our record with the Better Business Bureau and numerous 5 star reviews speak for themselves. We'll do the work you need at a fair price and stand behind it for 3 full years. Don't make a bad situation worse by trying to cut corners or save a few dollars using a second rate shop. If you decide to use someone else find a reputable shop with a long term warranty and a track record of customer service Autel MaxiTPMS PAD. This is a major repair that can cost thousands of dollars but extend the life of your vehicle for years Autel MaxiSys MS906BT...make the smart choice and give us a call.

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