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When the recent model of Toyota Corolla was made public it has caused such a trumpet blast in the auto industry Car Diagnostic Tool. The entirely fresh style and design of this model have given this strong attractive force to most car consumers. In fact this has been considered as the best seller car worldwide with its record of tremendous thirty million sold units. The highest of all car models ever made.


As put side by side to the prior versions of Toyota this new Toyota Corolla lineup has just few new obvious things to offer OBD Tool. This includes stability controls for further security, steering wheel that is telescopic, and trims that have five different levels. Although the usual traits of Toyota cars are still present namely superior efficient fuel consumption, almost negligible noise production of the engine and a very convenient ride experience.


Truly one amazing model of the Toyota Corolla, the Base level is very flexible with manual or automatic transmission options. In addition it also sport wheels that measures fifteen inches, efficient cooling system, power mirrors and a high-tech audio system. You can be up for a race in the road with its competent 1.8 liter engine that is four-cylinder. Add this up to a torque capacity of 128 pounds and 132 horsepower that can make you very much competent on the road. An estimated, fuel economy has been given by proper authorities at 26 mpg in cities and considerably higher on the open road at 35 mpg. Security wise, you are very much ensured in this car with its ABS brake system, stability control, active head that are pretty confined and airbags both on the front and sides.


The LE model in turn is equipped with power locks and windows plus well colored mirrors in the external. Its fuel economy as well as engine details are identical to that of the Base model. Another Toyota Corolla model is the Corolla S which is a bit more expensive as compared to the LE but you will be enjoying a lot more comfort with its under-body spoilers that adds up to its aero dynamicity. This is also equipped with a steering wheel that has been leather wrapped, sports seats and wheels that are sixteen inches in size. If you are a music lover, you will surely enjoy the two extra speakers for its stereo system. And this has also been built with a security system, engine specifications and fuel economy similar to the LE and Base model.


XLE and XRS in turn are considered the high ends among the Toyota Corolla models. However the extra dollars you will be paying for the XLE model will definitely worth the price with its trim that is wood grain and gauges that are luminous giving it a lavishly looking interior facade. On the other hand the XRS model is built with advance technological features like sport suspension, interior trim that is chromed, alloy wheels that are seventeen inches in size and a very powerful engine that is 2.4 liters.

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