Top Tips When Selling Your Car Online

Using the Internet to sell your car can certainly expose it much more widely, and bring it to the attention of a greater number of potential buyers. Selling online is typically quick and straightforward.


Advertising your car online is a particularly good option if you are trying to sell an unusual vehicle that will appeal to more specialised buyers. You're more likely to encounter someone who'll take an interest in your car this way. It is normal for the sale to take place locally. Whilst a buyer might travel from the other end of the country for a customised Lamborghini, it is unlikely they will travel very far for a second-hand Ford Focus.


There are several ways to sell your car online. You can list it on free local ads sites. These have the advantage of being free, but the amount of information you can include is limited. More seriously, you may have little comeback via these sites if something goes wrong with the purchase.


Putting your car on an auction site is another way to sell it online. You will have to pay for the listing, but auction sites are a very inexpensive way to attract buyers. You will typically have to pay more for any extras, such as a highlighted listing or more than one photograph. Spending a little extra to add more photographs of your car is definitely recommended, as they give your potential customer more confidence. Make sure you get photographs of any damage and include them in your listing.


Auction sites have several advantages over free local ad sites. You can include much more information, including more and larger photographs, which will give your buyer more confidence. Most auction sites won't make you put an upper limit on your price (although you need to be realistic or your vehicle just won't sell) Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. You can also set a minimum price, called the reserve price. If the reserve price isn't met autel ds808, the auction is void; this protects you from having to sell at too low a price. If the reserve is met, however, you are legally obliged to complete the sale even if the amount isn't as high as you hoped it would be. Bear this in mind when you set your reserve price.


However there are also paid for ad sites in which you can feature your vehicle. These are probably the best option, especially if the sound of an auction seems a little too daunting, or like too much work. These websites give you a number of options depending on how much you are willing to pay for your listing. For example, with paid for listings you can have basic, standard and premium adverts.


With basic adverts it's likely that you'll get to upload a number of photos but not many. You'll also get a number of other features depending on who you advertise with, such as Facebook and social media integration and selling statistics. With standard advertising listings, you'll be able to upload a larger number of photo's, which as mentioned can make all the difference when it comes to helping install confidence in buyers. Depending on who you advertise with you'll also get some extras when you pay for better listings, such as for sale stickers, and even prioritised listings.


These are just some of the ways in which you can sell your car online. It's a good idea to use a blend of all three techniques if you can, or at least manage to upload to a number of free advertising websites, and if you can afford it, a paid listing too.

BIO - Vincent Rogers is a copywriter for the online car sales industry and he recommends Cars4Sale Australia for Car Sales
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